"While Vucic is alive, Radeta and Jojic will not be extradited"

This morning, lawyer Tom Fila commented on the verdict against Ratko Mladic, who was sentenced to life in prison for crimes committed in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Source: B92, prva
Foto: EPA-EFE Srđan Suki
Foto: EPA-EFE Srđan Suki

The lawyer pointed out that the court was guided in the verdict by "previously established facts".

"They (Bosniaks) said that it was a breakthrough, that the testimony of Vosnjak in the Mladic case was crucial. The defense proved that it was impossible that there were 8.000 people, but the court dealt with the previously established facts and that remained in the case," Fila said in an interview for TV Prva.

"It is good that Serbia is not mentioned, what Croats and Bosniaks asked for," he added.

Fila also spoke about the mention of genocide when it comes to the crimes in Srebrenica. "Genocide was invented to cover up 'Storm'. At 'Storm' in Gotovina's trial, it was determined that a plan was made in Brijuni on how to expel Serbs from Croatia. First a plan, then realization. Whatever happened in Srebrenica, nothing was planned in advance", he said and added that the cooperation with The Hague started during the mandate of Minister Rasim Ljajic.

Fila also referred to the case of Petar Jojić and Vjerica Radeta.

"(Pera) Jojić is my colleague and we know each other from times when he was employed at the Ministry of Interior. I tell him not to worry. While Vučić is alive, you (Radeta and Jojić) will not be extradited," Fila concluded.


"Serbia can count on Italy's support"

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio said in Belgrade today that negotiations for Serbia's accession to the European Union should be accelerated.

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