Agreement is ready - Greek recognition offered to Kosovo. Initial signal sent?

Political adviser to former Kosovo President Hashim Thaci said that, to his knowledge, France had proposed an interim agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.

Source: Kosovo online

That agreement, as Artan Behrami explained, is not based on a principle of mutual recognition, Kosovo online portal reported.

"According to my information, Germany is not in the game, because this year's elections, whereas United States handed over the authorization to Brussels for dialogue. There is an idea forced by France, supported by Brussels, to reach an interim agreement, related to the Washington agreement, but it is harmful for Kosovo, because it speaks of the autonomy of the north, greater church rights in exchange for recognition by Greece and visa liberalization", Behrami said in an interview with Kosovo's Klan TV.

He pointed out that the advisers of the French President Emmanuel Macron sent a signal that there would be no visa liberalization for the citizens of Kosovo.

"It is a negotiating tactic, but it is being negotiated internally and I believe that these topics will be opened at the next meeting to be held in Paris. It is not good to enter this game because interim agreements do not bring long-term stability, do not solve the problem between Kosovo and Serbia. They are just creating illusions that something has been done", Behrami said. He stressed that the role of the United States is secondary and "not primary as before".

"We have lost momentum in the dialogue and now there are initiatives to reach an agreement not for mutual recognition as before, but for interim agreements," Behrami said, among other things.


"This is an unprecedented scandal"

Milan Knezevic, the leader of the Democratic Front, assessed that Krivokapic's non-signing of the basic agreement present a scandal of unprecedented proportions

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