Lawsuit against Serbia still possible? "Unexpected" assistance offered

Former associate of the Hague prosecutor Geoffrey Nice, Nevenka Tromp, said that Kosovo's lawsuit for genocide against Serbia would be difficult to prove.

Source: Kosovo online

First of all, as Kosovo Online reports, this is due to the fact that the Hague Tribunal did not investigate Slobodan Milosevic on the account of this act, but it also points out that it is ready to help prepare the lawsuit if Pristina asks her to do so, Ekonomija Online writes.

Tromp pointed out that "genocide," qualified as a crime, was not involved in the crime committed in Kosovo during 1998-1999 at the Hague Tribunal.

"This does not mean that there is not enough evidence or indication that genocide really happened. What really happened is that the crimes committed in Kosovo were first included in the General Indictment against Milosevic in May 1999, that is, between the war and NATO military intervention against Serb forces", Tromp said.

She suspects that the Kosovo government is serious in its intention to file a lawsuit against Serbia, saying that it is still possible to do so even though Kosovo is not a member of the United Nations.

"It is possible for a third country to help Kosovo file a lawsuit with the ICJ, but it is up to your government to show how seriously it has taken the issue and to seek help," Tromp said, adding that she is ready to help if Kosovo authorities ask for it.

In an interview with Clan Kosova, she says that in addition to events happening within the borders, the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina can also help Kosovo win this case.

"Although the genocide committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina is known, at least for Srebrenica, it shows that Milosevic, who continued to commit the same acts in Kosovo, could not have been a different person, but on the contrary only progressed. It is enough to follow the course of events since the crimes in Srebrenica to those in Kosovo to help lawyers prove his genocidal intentions in Kosovo," Tromp concluded.

Lawyer Toma Fila sees the announcement that the former associate of the Hague prosecutor Geoffrey Nice could help Kosovo in preparing a lawsuit for genocide against Serbia as an intention to use information from the trials conducted in the Hague tribunal and to trade them.

"It's a side gig. All of them, when they lost their salaries, started looking for side jobs as a supplementary source of income. Geoffrey Nice offered to help Kosovo, but they didn't agree on the fee. Former spokeswoman for the Hague Prosecution, Florence Hartmann, published all the documents she had in her book, so she was punished by the Hague tribunal. They all want to work and use everything they have learned and found out for personal gain," Fila told Kosovo online.

According to him, nothing will come up from their help, they can only have damage.

"There are no prospects for Kosovo's lawsuit for genocide against Serbia. It is impossible for one province to sue its state, which was previously a recognized state. It will fail. All this serves Kosovo for internal use, and former Hague tribunal actors to get additional fees", Fila concluded.


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