Jewish communities organized a rally in Belgrade

Jewish communities of Zemun and Belgrade organized a rally on Republic Square in Belgrade today on the occasion of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

Source: Tanjug
Depositphotos/Andrew Lozovyi
Depositphotos/Andrew Lozovyi

President of the Jewish community of Zemun, Nenad Fogel, told N1 that this municipality, in cooperation with the Jewish community of Belgrade, organized a protest of support, not to Israel or the Arabs in that country, but to peace, which has not existed in that area since 1948.

The gathering on Republic Square was attended by several dozen citizens, who carried the flags of Israel and Serbia.

The anthems of Serbia and Israel were played at the gathering, as, as they stated, the support of Jews from Serbia to all citizens of Israel, N1 reports.


"This is an unprecedented scandal"

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