Break off relations with so-called Kosovo

Belgrade - Palestine asked the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to sever relations with the so-called Kosovo, the media write.

Source: B92
Tanjug/AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo, File
Tanjug/AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo, File

According to Vecernje Novosti, Palestine is frustrated with Pristina because of the decision of the authorities there to open an embassy in Jerusalem, which has been publicly announced on several occasions.

However, according to Novosti, the request has now been officially announced by Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki in a letter to the OIC Secretary-General.

As explained by Al Maliki, relations should be terminated because so-called Kosovo has violated international law and resolutions with their decision, and it also openly attacks the Palestinian people and their rights.

Should the OIC members accept the Palestinian request, Pristina would face a great loss of support, because the independence of so-called Kosovo has been recognized by 30 of the 57 countries within the organization. It is estimated that they no decisions on withdrawing the recognition will be made, but a large number of the member states would certainly no longer provide support to so-called Kosovo in its efforts to join international organizations.

Pristina formally established diplomatic relations with Israel on February 1, and on their announcement that it would open an embassy in Jerusalem, the IOC condemned it on February 3 because, as indicated, it would violate UN Security Council Resolution 478. The European Union also criticized the intention of the Pristina authorities, but despite that, the embassy was officially opened on March 14.

Only America and Guatemala had diplomatic missions in Jerusalem, which opened in 2018. Now, the Czech Republic joined these three countries and opened a diplomatic office in Jerusalem in March as a branch office of the embassy in Tel Aviv.

Palestinian Ambassador to Serbia Mohamed Nabhan recently stated that the act of opening the embassy of so-called Kosovo in Jerusalem is a violation of the principles that guide Arab and Islamic countries, which believe that Jerusalem is an occupied city, also confirmed by numerous UN resolutions, with the addition of Resolution 478 which prohibits states from moving or opening embassies in Jerusalem. He stated that Turkey also opposes such a move, and asked: Is it really worth getting the recognition of one country, and losing the trust of more than sixty countries instead?


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