Lajcak: It is absolutely possible

Miroslav Lajcak stated that the EU is convinced that "comprehensive normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is absolutely possible".

Source: Beta
EPA-EFE Andrej Cukic
EPA-EFE Andrej Cukic

"It is in their interest, in the interest of the whole region, and, of course, in the interest of the EU, too", EU Special Representative for Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina told "Danas" today, when asked what they would do if there was no compromise on the issue.

Lajcak stated that the EU and America "have a long and productive history of close cooperation in the Western Balkans, and in the process of normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo".

"This cooperation has brought tangible positive results in recent years, and I am in frequent contact with my American colleagues, in order to prepare a joint strategy and joint activities, and we are looking forward to renewed closer transatlantic cooperation," Lajcak said.

Asked when the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina could continue, bearing in mind that previous governments in Kosovo were not formed quickly or easily, he said that he thought "it is not wise to 'fix' the date".

"The EU's message is clear: We are ready to resume the dialogue where we left off in December as soon as the new (Kosovo) government takes office. I am also ready to travel to this region and meet with my negotiators as soon as conditions allow. The EU is clear - there is no other way but dialogue on the European path of Serbia and Kosovo. Therefore, the continuation of this dialogue without unnecessary delays is in everyone's interest," Lajcak concluded.


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