Israel enraged Serbia; One decision is no longer valid now

Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs said Israel establishing diplomatic relations with the so-called Kosovo will "influence relations between Serbia and Israel"

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Depositphotos/Andrew Lozovyi
Depositphotos/Andrew Lozovyi

On that occasion, Nikola Selaković said that he was neither happy nor satisfied because of that.

"Israel itself chose that its interest related to the United States is more important to it, and choosing USA over Serbia is their legitimate right. What is important is that we did not participate in that process, because (Serbian) President Aleksandar Vucic has not accepted to sign an invitation to Israel to recognize the so-called Kosovo, and vice versa", Selakovic told Serbian Radio-Television RTS.

He said that it is very interesting and it will be seen whether there will be Muslim and Arab countries that will recognize the so-called Kosovo, adding that he is convinced that it will not, and that it will be very difficult for that to happen.

"We have made serious efforts in relations with Israel in recent years, in relations between the two nations, and we are not happy about this. It is indicative that this was all performed with the urging of senior State Department official Matthew Palmer to achieve this, we will see if he will try so hard to apply other parts of the agreement between Serbia and United States, concluded in Washington", Selakovic said. When asked when Serbia will open an embassy in Jerusalem, he answered "we'll discuss it when the time comes".

"Vucic clearly said in Washington what the process depends on and how it will unfold in the future," Selakovic said.


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