"Find the killer, bring him to justice - resolve the murder of Oliver Ivanovic" VIDEO

Three years after the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, his closest associate, SDP Civic Initiative vice president Ksenija Bozovic says that the murder must be solved.

Source: B92, prva
Printskrin/ TV Prva
Printskrin/ TV Prva

The president of the SDP Civic Initiative was assassinated exactly three years ago, on January 16, at 8:10 AM.

"People thought that after three years, the public's attention would lessen, but that is not the case," Ksenija Božović states for TV Prva.

"As we claimed from the very moment of the murder, even after three years, we come to the conclusion that the investigation was not done properly, and then the prosecution will do its job," Bozovic said questioningly.

She reminded that three indictments have been filed so far and that 12.000 files of various pieces of evidence have been collected.

"We go back to the beginning, when and how our cameras were taken, an hour after the murder, we could not see what happened. To this day, those cameras have not been returned to us," Oliver Ivanovic's associate said.

She says that they cannot believe that the international community does not have the recordings and that they will continue to ask for the recordings to be submitted to the supreme authorities.

"We will not stop looking, that murder will have to be clarified," Bozovic emphasizes.

"Find the killer, bring him to justice, and only then can we talk about democracy and protection of human rights," said the vice president of the SDP Civic Initiative on the anniversary of the murder of her associate.


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