Botsan Kharchenko: There will be more pressures

The pressure on Serbia will increase, said the Russian ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan Kharchenko.

Source: Vecernje novosti
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In an interview with "Novosti", he said that not everyone likes Belgrade's independent policy. However, thanks to its moderate stance, Serbia preserves socio-economic stability, implements large infrastructure projects, and strengthens its defense capacities.

He considers certain assess that the new government of Serbia is pro-American as inappropriate. According to him, Serbia pursues a balanced foreign policy that fully takes into account national interests.

"Russia has its own agenda of bilateral relations with Serbia. Our cooperation is not directed against other players. It is based on the principles of transparency, fair competition, unconditional mutual respect. We consider the" either-or "logic promoted by the West counterproductive," Botsan Kharchenko said.

When asked how he interprets the fact that certain circles in the United States openly threaten Serbia with sanctions if it continues to buy Russian weapons, he answered:

"It is one of the examples of unfair competition. Russian-Serbian military-technical cooperation is being developed strictly within the framework of international law and on a partnership basis, it is aimed at strengthening the state sovereignty of Serbia. The realization of the reached agreements continues, especially on the delivery to Serbia of BRDM-2MS and T-72MS tanks. The opening of a representative office of the Ministry of Defense of Russia in Belgrade, which is currently being considered, should also contribute to the realization of perspective plans".

Asked whether Moscow would agree to the suspension of Resolution 1244, if Belgrade agrees with that, the ambassador said that the Russian position has not changed. "We are sure, like Belgrade, that a firm, sustainable solution on Kosovo and Metohija is possible only on the basis of the UN Security Council resolution 1244. We will agree only with that solution that will correspond to the legitimate interests of Serbs themselves, which will be supported by Belgrade, and it should eventually be approved by the UN Security Council as well", he added.

When asked if Serbia can trust the Russian veto, if the question of membership of the so-called Kosovo in the UN is raised, Botsan Kharchenko says that Russia will continue to strive for the rigorous respect of international law, providing principled support to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia, both in the UN and in other multilateral forums.


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