Serwer: Two things, reciprocity and implementation of the agreed

Daniel Serwer stated that it is fine to continue the dialogue, but that, in his opinion, two things should be clear - reciprocity and implementation.

Source: Tanjug
Screenshot TV B92/Arhiva
Screenshot TV B92/Arhiva

"Whatever Pristina or Belgrade asks for, they should be ready to give the equivalent. Moreover, everything that has been agreed should be implemented in a verifiable way," Professor at the Johns Hopkins University in Washington and an Albanian lobbyist for Kosovo online, David Serwer said.

He reiterated his position that the purpose of the dialogue is to enable mutual recognition and exchange of ambassadors.

When asked what he expects in 2021 - elections in Kosovo and Metohija, acceleration of dialogue or something else, Serwer answered that the so-called Kosovo needs a new president, and if that cannot be done within the deadline in the current parliament, it will need a new parliament, which means elections.

However, he believes that the current ruling coalition in Pristina will do everything to avoid that, because it could lose.

Commenting on the report of the European Parliament and the accusation that the Special Envoy of the President of the United States for dialogue, Richard Grenell, overthrew the government of Albin Kurti through misinformation, Serwer says that there is no doubt that Grenell did his best to overthrow the government of Kurti, perceiving it as "a shameful act".

Serwer also believes that the discovery of all mass graves is vital for dialogue and reconciliation process.


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