Vučić presents medals tomorrow; Media: Epidemiologists on the list of laureates

President Aleksandar Vučić will present decorations to deserving individuals and institutions in the fight against COVID-19 tomorrow.  

Source: Tanjug
PA-EFE/ Koca Sulejmanovic/ arhiva
PA-EFE/ Koca Sulejmanovic/ arhiva

According to media reports, the list of laureates includes doctors Predrag Kon, Mijomir Pelemis, Srdja Jankovic, Branislav Tiodorovic, Vladimir Djukic, Goran Stevanovic, Ivana Milosevic, Danica Grujicic and Nebojsa Ladjevic.

There are also Brigadier General Jelesije Radivojevic and Colonel Radivoje Andjelkovic, the commander in charge of the temporary hospitals "Belgrade Fair" and "Arena".

Ana Stojković, a hygienist at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases of the Clinical Center of Serbia, as well as a taxi driver from Belgrade, Branko Antić, will also receive the award.

13 doctors will also receive posthumous recognition.

The award will also be given to the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bethel, and the painter Nikolai Mukhin, who painted the Temple of Saint Sava.

The Day of Armistice in the First World War is marked in memory of November 11, 1918, when the Entente forces signed an armistice with Germany and thus ended the First World War.


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