"We handed over Kosovo to Serbia"

Fitore Pacolli, a member of the Self-Determination (Vetëvendosje) Movement, criticized Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti

Source: Kosovo online
Ilustracija: Deposit photos/ Yarr65
Ilustracija: Deposit photos/ Yarr65

She mentioned that with the agreement in Washington, especially item 15, which is related to the moratorium, Kosovo actually renounced its "statehood", reports Koha.

"This commitment has highlighted the readiness of this illegitimate government to suspend membership in international organizations. This moratorium will harm Kosovo. The penultimate point of the agreement states that. So we have an illegal prime minister who violated the Constitution. It is an unprecedented act," Fitore Pacolli said.

She noted that there is no state that has decided to ban Kosovo's activities for membership in international organizations, and that there is no example in the world of a country voluntarily renouncing membership, as is the case with membership in the WHO and UNESCO, which is only one of the contentious points of the agreement in Washington.

"The process of strengthening Kosovo for membership has been degraded, even membership with footnotes. First, Kosovo's membership was reduced by footnote and Kosovo was blocked in many dimensions. "Kosovo's membership exceeds Kosovo's interests," Fitore Pacolli said.

As she said, the Serbian campaign continues. According to her, there was no guarantee that Serbia would stop. "It is the surrender of Kosovo to Serbia," she said.

Her party colleague Enver Dugoli also called Hoti's government "ignorant".

"This government is lost, ignorant and extremely harmful. They are trying to lull citizens to sleep by talking about NATO membership. Hoti signed a promise in Washington that he will not join various organizations, and it seems that the current government does not even know that NATO is also international. organization," Dugoli said, adding that the government appears to be least interested in membership.

He concludes that, "not only does the agreement not bring us closer, but," as he states, "it actually only distances us from the international community."


Belgrade is to blame

Prime Minister of the Interim Kosovo Institutions, Avdullah Hoti, stated today that the issue of the CSM will not be opened in the dialogue with Belgrade

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