"Only Serbs did not get the right to self-determination"

Zivadin Jovanovic says he doesn't know whether the USA was really close to the idea of recognizing the Serbian people's right to independence in the mid-1990s.

Source: Kosovo online
EPA-EFE Kushtrim Ternava
EPA-EFE Kushtrim Ternava

Jovanovic adds that the then Yugoslav leadership asked for it, along with joining Serbia but, as the Minister of Foreign Affairs further stated during the FRY, Serbia was forced to advocate for Kosovo and Metohija primarily through UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and the Constitution, Politika writes, as Kosovo Online reports.

"The position of the policy of the then leadership and all those who participated in the negotiations was that, like other nations when the breakup of Yugoslavia began, the Serbian people should exercise their right to self-determination. There was resistance because Yugoslavia was disintegrated in order to break up the compactness of the Serbian people. The Germans and the British were especially engaged in that. "The same Germany that is rightly considered to be arming Kosovo Albanians now, and we remember that it was secretly arming Croatia in the early 1990s," Jovanovic points out.

BiH presidency member Milorad Dodik said recently that he would present to the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic the position of Republika Srpska that "it is impossible to discuss the possible separation of Kosovo or some special status, without considering special status of RS."

Zivadin Jovanovic says that it is not good to connect the rights of the Republika Srpska and Kosovo and Metohija, because the Serbian people of RS, regardless of everything, including the status of Kosovo and Metohija, have an inalienable right to self-determination and no one can take away that right.

The right can be challenged in various ways and even prevented by force, but the principled right to self-determination cannot be denied to the Serbian people in RS.

Martti Ahtisaari wrote in his book "Mission in Belgrade": "We must not support the secession of Kosovo Albanians from Serbia, because then Serbs from Bosnia-Herzegovina will naturally ask to join Serbia."

This is pragmatic from the point of view of geopolitics, but we in Kosovo and Metohija must strive to preserve the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1244, our Constitution and international law, and that is independent of any other issue, Jovanovic said, adding that the West could consider trade or territorial swap, but Belgrade should not accept that.


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