"No serious negotiations without USA and Russia, there'll be none in a hundred years"

EU doesn't have the power to finalize the Belgrade-Pristina agreement without the participation of United States and Russia, Pristina analyst Fisnik Halimi says

Source: Tanjug
EPA-EFE Kushtrim Ternava
EPA-EFE Kushtrim Ternava

He assessed for Kosovo online that Europe does not have the power to condition anyone with anything, because it has nothing to offer Belgrade, much less Pristina.

"For example, visa liberalization for Kosovo is an internal matter of Europe that it cannot solve. Without the Americans and the Russians, there are no serious negotiations and there will be none in a hundred years," Halimi believes.

He pointed out that Pristina is in an unenviable position in relation to Belgrade, taking into account that it is represented in the dialogue by a politician who does not have enough legitimacy and who cannot form a simple majority within the assembly.

Another problem, according to Halimi, is a possible indictment against the president of the interm institutions in Pristina, Hashim Thaci, which, according to his assessment, if confirmed, would have a negative effect on the dialogue process.

Commenting on the appointment of a dialogue coordinator, Halimi says that is another proof of the frivolity of Hoti's government.

He believes that reaching a final agreement between Belgrade and Pristina would only make sense if a Kosovo negotiating team is established, which would include, in addition to the ruling party, opposition political parties, in this case the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo.


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