Media: Angela gave the green light, the Germans are arming Kosovo

While Germany propagates Pristina-Belgrade negotiations, it nevertheless negotiates with Kosovo the purchase of weapons and military equipment, Sputnik reports.

Source: Sputnik

Thus, in fact, it is further stated in the text, Germany is violating its own laws.

Authorities in Pristina have been negotiating for months with German intelligence services on the procurement of cannons and anti-tank missile systems for the so-called Kosovo Army, and their focus is on the supplementation of light artillery and modern infantry weapons.

By arming Kosovo, Germany is violating its own rules and laws, because the 1971 provision prohibits in principle the export of weapons to non-NATO countries.

In order to justify the status of the fourth largest arms exporter in the world with a 5.8 percent share in the arms market, this provision has been replaced by a complicated process, so the final word in "disputed" arms sales has the Federal Security Council, led by Chancellor Angela Merkel and several line ministers of the German government.

The Council approved about 60 percent of the requests of arms manufacturers for export to countries that are not members of the EU or NATO, the study of the Hessen Foundation for Peace and Conflict Research (Hessische Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung (HSFK)) showed, made on the order of the non-governmental organization Greenpeace.

Kosovo Albanians have so far, Sputnik writes, spent around 170 million euros on Germany for the purchase of weapons, equipment and training of members of the Kosovo Security Force, and are negotiating the purchase of a new contingent of German G-36 automatic rifles (Heckler and Koch) and Leopard 2 tanks".


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