"Resolve the issue of visas for Kosovo"; "Tell that to Macron"

German diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger called on European officials to resolve the issue of visa liberalization for Kosovo as soon as possible.

Source: Kosovo online
EPA-EFE Kushtrim Ternava
EPA-EFE Kushtrim Ternava

Ischinger wrote on his official Twitter account that this is an unfulfilled promise of the European Union and that the postponement of resolving this problem calls into question the credibility of the EU.

He reminded that in 2018, the European Commission confirmed that Kosovo met the criteria for liberalization.

"Visa liberalization for all citizens of Kosovo is an unfulfilled EU promise. Long overdue - EU credibility is at stake!", Ischinger wrote. That provoked the reaction of the Rapporteur for Kosovo in the European Parliament, Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, who asked the German diplomat to say that to the French President Emmanuel Macron and the Dutch President Mark Rutte.

"Very well, don't forget to tell Emmanuel Macron and Mark Rutte," she said, recalling that they are the main reason why Kosovo residents do not move without visas, Kosovo online reports.


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