Vucic: If the virus bothers us like this now, who knows what will happen in the fall?

Today, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, visited the "Batajnica" Airport, where the new unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are located.

Source: B92

After the tour, a press conference was organized.

Vucic commented on the events in Sabac after the elections.

"It is an incredible case. You lose with 12.000 votes in a small town and you are not ready to admit defeat. Congratulations to Paunovic in Paracin. He barely lost, he congratulated and that is why he will have a political future. They also invented an emergency situation in Sabac. They don't have tests, they have all three types of tests. Just to survive another seven, ten days in power", he stated.

As he says, he does not want to talk about writing in the Croatian media regarding the state of the epidemic in Serbia. He said that Serbia tested five times more than Croatia.

"There is no answer to my claims that Serbia will surpass them in terms of GDP by the end of next year. No one can answer that. As for the tests, only four countries, in proportion to the number of citizens, tested more. Serbia tested more people than the whole of the former Yugoslavia plus Albania. Why should they die there, when no one has been tested", he said.

Foto: B92
Foto: B92

This morning, Vucic talked with the coordinator of the General Hospital in Novi Pazar, Mirsad Djerlek, and the generals from Novi Pazar, and said that the situation in that city has now been stabilized.

"Partially stabilized situation. Today, for now, there are two dead. I am guilty that I did not stay in the country after the elections. It is certain that I would have included the army earlier if I had been here. What can you do, you can't do everything. I am very sorry about that", he said.

Vucic stated that they are discussing the construction of a new hospital, a temporary one, which will be the main one for a possible next wave of the coronavirus.

"If the virus bothers us like this during the summer, who knows what will happen in the fall. Now we are talking, negotiating to build a big new hospital, relatively temporary, so that it can last for 30 years," he said.

The hospital would be similar to the one built at the VMC Karaburma, and it would have 500 to 1.000 beds, for intensive and semi-intensive care.

"Let's connect the respirators and make it the main hospital for the next blow. We can't stand it like this, all our hospitals are full," said Vucic.

Yesterday, the news appeared that the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Avdullah Hoti, would claim the port of Durres from Albania.

"All I hear from their statements is rubbish, I'm so fed up with their nonsense. They say they're coming to negotiate mutual recognition. Well, don't come, then. I'm not coming to negotiate about it. I keep telling that to their political tutors," Vucic concluded.

Foto: B92
Foto: B92


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