Ambassador Weber on the German EU Presidency

German Ambassador to Podgorica Robert Weber says that the focus of his country's presidency will be the fight against coronavirus.

Source: Tanjug
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ Steve_Allen
Ilustracija: Depositphotos/ Steve_Allen

As of today, Germany has taken over the presidency of the EU Council, the 13th in a row. Ambassador Weber also says that the focus, in addition to the fight against the coronavirus, will be overcoming the economic consequences of the pandemic.

"We must not leave out other strategic topics, primarily Brexit, the implementation of the Brexit agreement, but also the multi-year budget for EU financing," Weber said, as a guest in the morning program of the Montenegrin Public Service.

He says that there are also topics related to the stabilization of the region, but also the continuation of the process of negotiations on the accession of the Western Balkan countries to the European Union.

Weber assessed that the opening of the last negotiating Chapter 8 - Competition, with three temporarily closed, "is a pretty good balance in the European integration of Montenegro".

He believes that this dynamic should be continued now, and the remaining negotiation chapters should be closed.

"Montenegro opened the last chapter yesterday, and three are temporarily closed. That is, I would say, a pretty good balance. Now we have to work further and slowly close the other chapters," Weber said, RTCG portal reported.


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