Vucic: I do not rule out the possibility of reintroducing the measures

Serbian President Vucic said from Brussels that the citizens of Serbia must be more responsible and disciplined when it comes to protection against coronavirus.

Source: Tanjug

He pointed out that he does not exclude the possibility of introducing measures, if that is not the case.

In a statement to reporters on the current situation with the spread of coronavirus, Vucic said that we must be more serious and disciplined, especially in Belgrade, although the virus is currently not so dangerous, except for the elderly and those with other diseases, because 95% of young people easily overcome it.

"If we are not more disciplined, we will insist on the introduction of measures," Vucic reiterated, adding that he would wait another day to see if the attitude and data on the number of infected people would change, and to assess whether to take measures to protect lives and health of people.


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