Vucic from Moscow: We have to prepare for what's coming

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, spoke after the military parade in Moscow about floods in Serbia, and the preparations for the second wave of coronavirus

Source: B92, Tanjug

"We will help everyone and I will explicitly ask that of the government. We have to prepare for the fall and the second wave of coronavirus. We have a significant number of infected now, but the virus is less dangerous. Real trouble awaits us in the fall. These are things that should be done. We are also dealing with economic issues", President Vucic concluded.

Vucic neither confirmed nor denied the information that a meeting regarding Kosovo could be held on July 17.

"I talked to Marcon, but I don't like filling newspaper articles with things I haven't agreed with the people I've talked to."

Vucic added that there will be more important meetings, as well as that he expects the continuation of the political dialogue in Brussels soon. "Really soon, it's not a matter of months but days or weeks," Vucic added.

Asked whether that means that there will be a new turn in negotiations during the summer, Vucic said: "There will certainly be talks, and whether there will be a shift or not, we will see." Vucic previously said that he was going to Brussels tomorrow, to Washington the day after tomorrow, and from there to Ljubljana, where, by the way, the summit of the Brdo-Brioni process is being held.

At the end of his visit to Moscow, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told reporters that he had talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin several times before noon today, and that his visit to Moscow was important, and his emotions overcame him in front of the Serbian flag and soldiers on Red Square.

He added that he had short bilateral meetings with several leaders of countries from the vicinity of Russia, which, he points out, is an important thing for Serbia.

"We had brief talks with Putin on several occasions this morning, we touched on various topics. He escorted each of us to the car after the reception in the Kremlin. It feels good and it is a great thing when you see that he received only the President of Uzbekistan on a bilateral visit and me, as the president of Serbia, and we got a much bigger space in the Russian media. That is an honor for Serbia, and I thank President Putin", Vucic said.

He added that he had short meetings in the morning with several leaders from around Russia, who were also in Moscow on the occasion of the Military Parade.

"It is important that we talk about increasing trade, about the economy," the president added.

Vucic said that it was important to show that we kept the truth about the Second World War and the fight against fascism, and that we would always show respect for the victims.

He pointed out again that the Serbian people are one of the most suffering in that war, and that he is proud that today the Guard of the Serbian Army participated in the Military Parade.

"The guards were great. It's an incredible feeling when you stand on Red Square and Serbian soldiers march. The fact that I stood up and showed my heart, I wanted to show how much I love the Serbian flag, the army and Serbia. It's a special feeling", Vucic concluded.


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