93.2% of the votes processed: A convincing victory of Serbian Progressive Party

According to the latest results of Ipsos and Cesid, only three electoral lists will enter the Serbian Parliament after today's elections, Turnout: 47.7 percent

Source: B92
Depositphotos/ panama555 portfolio
Depositphotos/ panama555 portfolio

The results of Ipsos and Cesid, based on 92.8 percent of the processed sample, show that three lists currently exceed the census: SNS: 62.6 percent, SPS-JS: 10.9 percent, SPAS - Serbian Patriotic Alliance: 4.2 percent.

The closest to crossing the electoral threshold is POKS - Movement for the restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia with 2.7 percent.

Below the threshold are: Sovereignists 2.6 percent, Metla: 2.4 percent, SVM: 2.3 percent, SRS: 2 percent, PSG: 1.8 percent, Zavetnici: 1.5 percent, UDS: 1 percent, Zdravo da pobedi: 1 percent, SPP: 0.9 percent, ADA: 0.9 percent, 1 of 5 million: 0.7 percent, SDA 0.6 percent, and LDP 0.3 percent.

According to these results, the SNS would have 189 deputies in the parliament, SPS-JS 32, SPAS 12.

According to these results, four minority parties would also pass the census.

Of the minority parties, the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians potentially won nine seats, the Albanian Democratic Alternative three, the Justice and Reconciliation Party three, and the SDA two.

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