Vucic: "The goal is clear: no Serbs in Montenegro in 10 years" VIDEO

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic talked with Patriarch Irinej about the situation of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro and current circumstances there

Source: B92

He added that he discussed with Patriarch Irinej the completion of works on the Church of St. Sava and announced the completion of construction works this year.

"As far as the situation in Montenegro is concerned, we understand the position of the Serbian Orthodox Church. We have to be more careful, because we do not want to do what they did to us," he said, adding that he did not want to interfere in the country's internal affairs, as Montenegro violated the territorial integrity of Serbia when it recognized the independence of the so-called Kosovo.

Vucic thinks that it is unreasonable for politicians to found new churches and pointed out as interesting the fact that politics interferes with church organization and essentially spiritual things.

"They do not stop there, but try to confiscate property," he said, adding that this is very hard for the Serbian people, that someone is trying to create a new church in Montenegro.

"The goal is for the Serbian people to disappear from Montenegro in a decade," he concluded in response to the Patriarch's doubts about the "expulsion of the Serbian people" and added that "there will be no new 'Storms'."


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