"Now they have finally confirmed that Kosovo is a NATO project" VIDEO

The representative of the German left "Die Linke", Zaklin Nastic, stated that the ruling CDU recognized that Kosovo is a NATO project

Source: Tanjug
Foto: EPA-EFE Petrit Prenaj
Foto: EPA-EFE Petrit Prenaj

This happened during the debate in the Bundestag on the extension of the mandate of German soldiers at KFOR.

"At the debate in the German Bundestag, MPs from the ruling parties allowed themselves to be led to revealing and scandalous confessions. Thus, the CDU MP in charge of foreign policy, Gisela Manderla, called Kosovo a "transatlantic project", i.e. a NATO project," Nastic wrote on her Facebook profile.

She stated that other MPs characterized Kosovo as "their child".

"Thus, the advocates of the military mission in Kosovo confirmed that Kosovo is not a sovereign state," Nastic underlined.

The MP from the left emphasized that Kosovo is an illegally separated province and a protectorate of the West.

The assaults on the former Yugoslavia in 1999 were criminal and present a violation of international law, and the fact that the Bundeswehr (German Federal Defense Forces) remains after 21 years in Kosovo is a shame, Nastic concluded.


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