DS to run the elections as a party or as individuals?

"Politika" writes today that it is almost certain that "parties and movements of pro-European orientation" will appear in the forthcoming elections on one list.

Source: Tanjug

"Politika" further specifies that Democratic Party (DS) could be found on that list, or if it remains devoted to a boycott, some of its prominent individuals might join this list.

According to the newspaper, the backbone of that group would be the movement "Serbia 21", which should disclose its position today, with the Vojvodina Front, the Party of Modern Serbia and the Civic Forum on the list.

The Democratic Party should make its final decision at a session of its Main Committee, which should take place by the end of the week, that is, under the statute, on February 29th.

DS MP Natasa Vuckovic told the newspaper that it would be a good decision for the party to go to parliamentary elections on a list of related pro-European parties.

"The Democratic Party now has the opportunity to assess whether it was a good decision in September to boycott the elections and, in my opinion, to correct that decision ... I expect that a large number of municipal committees, in addition to Paracin, will support the idea of the DS participating in local elections", Vuckovic said.

She added that she expects that a decision could be made for the DS to run for parliamentary elections as well.

According to her, there are parties that have related programs, "unlike these non-related and non-similar in the Alliance for Serbia (SzS)."

Daily "Politika" reminds that in Sabac an intensive campaign of the Together for Serbia party Nebojsa Zelenovic is underway, which was excluded from SzS due to the decision to go to the local elections.

"Blic" reports in its today edition that both the Mayor of Paracin and the Vice President of the DS are almost certainly preparing for the elections, with or without the consent of the Democrats.

According to the newspaper, Paunovic also prepared a plan B if the DS sticks to the election boycott.

According to one source from the DS, Paunovic could run in the elections not on the DS list, but in front of a group of citizens, under the name "Go ahead, Sasa Paunovic".

"It is well known that Paracin is one of the few cities in which the opposition is in power, so his desire to go to the polls is quite understandable," the source said.


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