Milena Ivanovic: I'm trying to find out the truth on my own, disregarding Pristina

January 16 will mark two year anniversary since the murder of Oliver Ivanovic. His wife, Milena Ivanovic, doubts the intentions of Pristina judicial authorities

Source: Kosovo online
Screenshot/TV Prva
Screenshot/TV Prva

Speaking to Kosovo online about the indictment raised in the case of Oliver Ivanovic's murder, and the trial that recently commenced in Pristina, Milena Ivanovic says she is disappointed that even after two years, there are no names of those who either executed or ordered this killing.

"We now have an indictment filed by Pristina's investigative authorities, but that indictment does not mention the names of the killers or the names of the masterminds behind the murder. We have several people mentioned there who allegedly participated in assisting in the murder. I think that two years is too long a period for such superficial information as we have now received in these indictments. I regret the fact that all this leads me to question the sincerity of Pristina's authorities, but I absolutely believe that the truth will find its way and that we will get the names of Oliver's killers. This is something that he and his family deserve", Ivanovic emphasized.

She is under impression that the indictment was actually filed because it all takes too much time, so Pristina had to come up with some information, at least superficial.

"What I find particularly surprising is the name of Oliver's co-worker, a friend, Silvana Arsovic on that indictment. I think it's scary. I'm absolutely sure the woman has nothing to do with what she's being charged with. That's just another piece of evidence that makes me doubt that this is someone's game and that someone wants to accomplish something. I don't quite understand what it is. I think it's not fair and we should all stand together and work jointly with the aim of finding out who killed Oliver", Ivanovic concluded.

She says she also keeps gathering data and information about Oliver's murder and tries to be neutral, listen to all the information and reach some conclusions.

"It's true that I have lot of information, that I'm making a picture of myself and trying to come up with the truth, myself. I've spent years with Oliver, I know everything that's happened before, I know things that have been going on over the two years. When I am certain, and if I ever knew it for sure, I'll disclose who did it", she says.

Milena underlines that she believes that information about the killer and the one who ordered Oliver's murder will be provided by the Serbian state and Serbian investigative authorities.

"It is not an easy job. Although I know that they are facing numerous problems, that they were not on the ground back then, that they did not had insight into the evidence, that all they received from Pristina was semi-information, and everything that was done was pro forma. Still, I trust our investigative authorities. I don't want to doubt even the Pristina's investigative authorities. Unfortunately, their actions make it hard for me to believe them", she said.

Regarding the resumption of the trial, Ivanovic recalled that Pristina's indictment charging the Serbs was not translated into Serbian, which is why the trial was postponed, clearly showing how the institutions in Kosovo operate.

"I believe there will be additional delays, I believe there will be many problems. I expect everything except to find out the truth. This is what is scary and that is what really bothers me. I think it is not fair. But there are people who genuinely care for the truth. I am one of them and I will do my best to find out the truth", Milena Ivanovic concluded.


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