"I am not surprised by the decision on Mali's PhD" VIDEO

President Vucic spoke to Prva TV on the details of the meeting with the North Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski, the decision on the PhD thesis of Mali...

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North Macedonia's President Stevo Pendarovski is on a two-day official visit to our country. In front of the Palace of Serbia, he was greeted by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, with national honors, a guard and the intonation of the anthems of Serbia and North Macedonia. As the a tête-à-tête conversation is over, Filip Cukanovic speaks with the President of Serbia what were main issues of discussion.

The decision on the PhD thesis of Minister Sinisa Mali didn't come as surprise to him, as he announced it.

"I was not surprised because I predicted it. I was talking about it in New York. The decision is deeply political. The issue of academic integrity is of great importance to our country. I saw a this paper, I did not read it, but I wouldn't dare give my judgment as some semi-literate leaders of political parties. As far as the election for the government is concerned, it is analyzed what results he achieved and what are the achievements of a great 'expert' such as Soskic", Vucic said.

"Sinisa Mali performs a great job", Vucic concluded.

Asked if he would also ask Putin "why", as he did after the press conference on the espionage affair, he said that he always talks openly with him and believes that Serbia has a sincere partner in the Russian Federation.

As for Balkan Schengen initiative, Vucic said in an interview for Prva TV, that this is not a substitute for EU accession. Vucic said he did not understand what was irrational and incomprehensible in this initiative, adding that although Serbia is far ahead of North Macedonia, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina on a European path, there is no illusion that the accession will happen tomorrow.

"A regional initiative is crucial, because when it came to talking about this in the past, big powers always opposed it. They never wanted to allow the Balkan nations to act independently. They always managed those processes", he said.

Asked if Kosovo is welcome to join the initiative, Vucic said that if they agree to a neutral status, they are welcome.

"Status issues are resolved through a dialogue, but not in the form of a condition. We are open. Whoever stays out of this initiative will face some serious problems in 5 years, with the growth rate that will accompany members of the initiative", he said.


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