Comic published so that the voice of Serb victims can be heard everywhere in the West

Founder of the French humanitarian organization "Solidarité Kosovo" announced on Instagram that the comic book "Welcome to Kosovo" has been published in France

Source: B92
Screenshot/TV Prva
Screenshot/TV Prva

"The story follows the life of young Dimitri returning as refugee to Kosovo shortly before the anti-Serb riots in 2004. This romanticized drama is made up of real events and will show French audiences the recent history of the Balkans from another, less biased angle", Arnaud Gouillon wrote.

He added that "after books and magazines, documentaries and lectures, this is another step forward, with the aim of the voice of Serbian victims being heard everywhere in the West".

Gouillon also stated that "as soon as it was published, 'Welcome to Kosovo' was among the best-selling historical comics in France".


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