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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic says the topic of a surprise meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and Hashim Thaci was dialogue resumption

Source: B92, Tanjug, prva
Screenshot/TV Prva
Screenshot/TV Prva

"The main topic was the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, the continuation of the dialogue, when it might be expected, when the government in Pristina will be formed, that is, how we can proceed and what the goals are and what are realistic expectations", Vucic told Prva TV.

Asked what the conclusions of the meeting were, he said, "Nothing particularly exclusive", adding: "We both said we wanted to continue the dialogue, we know what the condition is for the dialogue to continue. We are waiting for them to form a government and see what we'll happen."

Vucic said he did not expect that the government in Pristina will be formed prior to January, and that he could only discuss the resumption of the dialogue later.

He added that he told Macron that things were not as pink and favorable to them (Pristina) as they were saying.

"I also said that Serbia would not agree to an ultimatum, but to a compromise", Serbian President stressed.

In his view, "Macron wants to see Serbia in the EU, but before that, he wants to set some new rules within the EU".

"He speaks honestly, frankly, I love that approach, you know where you stand. Better than claiming that everything is just wonderful, and then you spend 50 years as Turkey waiting for that (EU accession). You can talk to Macron in a honest, fair way. He regards Serbia as a very important partner, as the largest and most important Western Balkan country in European integration and I have no doubt about it. He has his own agenda and wants to discuss the European future with other EU countries. It remains to be seen what will come out of it", Vucic said.

Asked whether the fact that Fatmir Limaj and Behgjet Pacolli's party will enter the Pristina Parliament means that Albin Kurti will not be the new Prime Minister, Vucic says that he is not the one to make the majority in the Pristina Assembly.

He reminded that almost for 30 days ago, he kept saying that they wanted to steal Serbian votes in Pristina, in order to show the number of Serbs smaller than they were, to further humiliate Serbia and to invent poisoning scandals.

With this regard, he announced that he had prepared a new set of questions to the competent authorities in Europe and the world, pertaining to the case of false poisoning.

"But the third, the most important thing for them is to reduce the basis on which to calculate whether certain parties have crossed the threshold or not. If the DPK took on its quota the Coalition of NISMA, Limaj and Pacolli, it would mean that Kurti is no longer the greatest force. Then it remains to be seen whether Vlora Osmani or Kurti will be Prime Minister, but those are their things", Vucic said.

Asked who he would prefer to negotiate with, he points out that he is not here to choose, nor does he want to choose among the Albanians.

"I wanted the Serb List to win, and we managed to achieve that, so that we could have a unique approach for our people on Kosovo and Metohija, that the whole of Serbia would be united, that was important to us. However, it is not up to us to elect Albanian representatives. They have been chosen and they make the decisions they consider best for them", Vucic said.

He emphasized that it would certainly not be easy for Belgrade, because for us there is no good or especially friendly environment, but that it must be talked about, because it is 100 times better to talk than to wage war.

On the occasion of his eventual departure to Zagreb, to the Congress of the European People's Party, and whether this is more difficult question for him or for Croatian officials, the President of Serbia replied that he did not see why it would be inconvenient for him, because he had already gone there and nothing, he points out, was inconvenient because he always told the truth.

"If any of them is embarrassed or unable to explain how it is possible for Nazi criminal Mile Budak to be rewarded with numerous monuments and streets throughout Croatia, I am not embarrassed at all", Vucic said.

Asked if he would go to Zagreb, he replied:

"You will find out tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I'll write a letter. I like to write lately".

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