Vucic: Thaci didn't tell Macron what he really meant

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said last night that Hashim Thaci had not told French President Emmanuel Macron what he really meant

Source: Tanjug

Vucic was asked to comment on Thaci's statement that he had passed on to Macron that Pristina was ready for a peace agreement with Belgrade, saying that he had heard it from him two or three years ago.

"He is ready for a peace agreement in which Serbia will recognize an independent Kosovo. It is as if I would come out and say that I am ready for making a fantastic agreement with the EU, and that they should transfer 15 billion euros to Serbia, and that, in return, we will admit that the EU has done nothing wrong for the past 18 years. He says it as if we should be happy to be recognized. Who are you going to recognize, what are you talking about? We are a recognized country at the UN, so we don't need your recognition", he said.

Vucic said he had no problem talking to someone who was realistic and rational, concluding that Thaci told Macron only what he liked to hear.

"He didn't say what he really meant. When we see each other, we say to each other 'good day, how are you, good night,' 'why have you done this or that?" We used to be seeing each other once a week, or on a monthly basis, but that is not so for more than a year now. We meet at international conferences instead, where I tell him "don't make up nonsense about poisoning", and he responds by making similar comment, and that's it", Vucic said, adding that there is no progress, not even behind closed doors.

Vucic said Macron had told him that he would like Europe to engage as mediator in resolving the Kosovo issue.


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