Haradinaj: If Serbia denies Kosovo recognition, why sit with them at the table

Outgoing Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj stated that if Serbia denies Kosovo recognition, there is no sense in discussing things with them

Source: Kosovo online

Leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Ramush Haradinaj justified his decision to impose 100% tariffs to Serbian goods, presenting what coalition AAK-PDK has to offer now, as Kosovo online reports.

"Democratic party of Kosovo (PDK) and LDK were wrong to mention reciprocity, as I said to them that Serbia requested reciprocity via their international partners. If Serbia imposes taxes on us, it would not hit us so hard", Haradinaj said and Klan Kosova carried.

They intensively advocate the possibility of reciprocity, Haradinaj added, as Kosovo exports small percentage of goods to Serbia, while Serbia's export rates are rather high on Kosovo territory.

"Reciprocal recognition within existing borders. Kosovo is not a place where one performs duty and sacrifice. Leaders cannot give something on behalf of Kosovo, however corrupt they are. We have bilateral relations with every country that has recognized us, but they can no longer force us to bring certain decisions. We are a sovereign state", Haradinaj specified.

According to the Klan Kosova, Haradinaj noted that he asked those who win the elections, if it was not his coalition, not to rush with offering reciprocal measures.

"We all know that Serbia has informed the international community that they find it hard to recognize Kosovo and are looking for something. What that 'something' might mean has not yet been defined. The border issue had passed, while those who sponsored it have failed. It is better to deal with them and the market, than with the more complicated things", Haradinaj specified.

Outgoing Kosovo's Prime Minister also said that "if they are not ready to recognize Kosovo, why sit with them at the table?"


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