Surviving witness: I have seen Haradinaj killing people

Ram Jollaj, former next door neighbor of outgoing Kosovo Prime Minister, stated that he saw Ramush Haradinaj killing Serbian police officer, "Novosti" reports

Source: Vecernje novosti

Following the crime of the KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army") committed against Serbs on March 24, 1998, the Commander of the Rznic police station, Miodrag Otovic, and one of his colleague went to arrest Haradinaj, who stormed out of his house, shooting at the police officers and killing Otovic.

After this incident, Ram's father Binak Jollaj and his son Moharem got abducted, along with his other son that managed to escape. "They searched for him, as well as for me, with the aim to take us away, but we spent a month hiding in the woods and then reached Berane. There, I turned to religion, and as dervish (Islamic cleric) sought peace and forgiveness for the criminals, taking care of my daughter-in-law and Muharem's six children. I had never dared to return to Glodjane or Kosovo", Jollaj concluded.

He told his story to a Novosti reporter in Berane 15 years ago, and then testified at the Hague Tribunal.

He was one of a few witnesses that presented concrete evidence against Ramush Haradinaj, when he spoke via video link 12 years ago, as other witnesses have been killed.

Ram Jollaj never learned the fate of his father and son, but according to reliable sources, they were taken to the camp in Piskota near Djakovica, where the remains of some 50 Serbs were found in the "Bunker" mass grave last year.

Among them was the Sutakovic family from Djakovica - Nedeljko, his wife Dara, and sons Radoman, Aleksandar and Djordje.

Test are currently underway to identify the other victims for this mass grave.


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