„Return street dialogue to institutions’’

For nearly 10 hours of discussion in , we put the right questions on the table’’, says Milan Antonijević for „Blic’’.

Source: Tanjug
Tanjug, Tanja Valić
Tanjug, Tanja Valić

Antonijević is the director of the Foundation for Open Society, which organizes government and opposition talks on election conditions. So far, in three rounds, at the FPS roundtables, the authorities and the oppostion discussed about media and financing campaigns, and on the 5th and 9th of September there will be a voters’ list and voting rights of citizens.

„Our intention is that we move things from dead point and that’s why we opened 4 subjects’’, states Antonijević, adding that it is important to talk about it and to bring everything that is in law back into the focus of citizens.

According to him, dialogue is of essential importance and, no matter whether the political organizations will boycott the elections or not, it is necessary to return to the institutions from the streets.

When asked about civic intellectuals criticizing the organization of round tables as an order from abroad, Antonijević said that there was no place for conspiracy theories.


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