„What happens is Serbia’s fault, we don’t have any information’’

Serbian foreign affairs minister Ivica Dačić said for TV Prva that „as for Pristina’s authorities it’s always Serbia’s fault’’.

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Dačić said that he has no information that could confirm accusations of foreign affairs minister of so-called Kosovo, Behgjet Pacolli, who claims that Pristina’s diplomatic representation in Copenhagen has been attacked by Serbian citizens in Denmark.

„Regarding that news, I contacted our people last night, because no one told me anything about it. I have been told that neither of them was informed about it by the Denmark’s authorities, nor did anyone get arrested or become suspect. As for now, we don’t have that kind of information’’, says Dačić.
As Dačić said, Pacolli’s words about „Serbian bandits and hoolgans’’ are probably referred to the fans who were on the Copenhagen-Red Star match, played on Tuesday evening.

Dačić stated that the authorities didn’t have the obligation to inform if someone got arrested or was being searched for, unless the person is citizen of Serbia and exresses a wish to contact the embassy of Serbia, which he has the right to do

„There are no information abut that for now. For all I know, all Red Star fans came back’’, says Dačić.

Head of Serbian diplomacy added that „these attacks by Pristina’s authorities happen few times a day’’

„They are always accusing us, no matter what happens it is Serbia’s fault, they are complaining about our aggressiveness, but what should our people say about the way they are treated by them?’’, says Dačić.

Commenting the case of Tomor Morina and the fact that the Republic of North Macedonia refused to hand him over to Serbia, Dačić said that it is a political decision. „If someone is on Interpol’s wanted list, what is there to think about whether to hand him or nor, those are political reasons.’’ He also reminded that France released Haradinaj the same way.

„In Germany you can’t have dual citizenship, Germany acknowledged Kosovo, but citzes of Kosovo are requiring from Serbian representation to disavow their Serbian citizenship, do you see that absurdity?’

Foreign affairs minister believes that (Kvinta) statement is taken too seriously

„Disite (Kvinta) appeal, I won’t give up from Kosovo’s non-recognition campaign. They didn’t say anything new. I affected me that people disrespected decisions of some countries to withdraw recognition. When Putin was visiting, he also expressed wonderment that we made it’’, claims Dačić.

When asked when Serbia would continue its campaign to withdraw recognition of Kosovo’s independance, Dačić said it was an unstoppable process.

„We will continue with it, we didn’t want to annoy them this week, we have to take care about their health condition’’, he said.

About the media reports that the US is involved in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue process, Dačić said: „US won’t take over the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, the EU is a mediator in the process, but everyone will try to find the winning combination for some deal. I talked to Bolton twice, they support our wish to reach a compromise.’’

Today’s visit of Japanese foreign affair minister, Toro Kono, to Belgrade proved that Belgrade-Tokio relation is just getting better, stated the Head of Serbian diplomacy

„Serbia is the only non-EU country that my colleague visits’’, said Dačić and added that „that historical visit is waiting for him today’’.

Minister Dačić said that the president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, will go to the inauguration ceremony of the new Japanese Emperor in October.

He reminded that Serbia has various activities in the field of economic cooperation, investments..

According to his words, today’s visit is the first visit of Japanese foreign affairs minister after 18 years.

He also reminded that in January last year Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, paid an official visit.


Pacolli called Haradinaj a liar?

President of the New Kosovo Alliance Behgjet Pacolli expressed confidence that the new government in Pristina would abolish 100 percent import tariffs

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