Gouillon: Complaints rejected, while lawsuit lies forgotten at the bottom of a drawer

"There is no progress related to the imposed ban on my entering Kosovo and Metohija, while the appeals were dismissed without any justification"

Source: B92, prva
Screenshot/TV Prva
Screenshot/TV Prva

Humanitarian Arnaud Gouillon, who has been sending aid to the Serbs on Kosovo and Metohija for years, and was imposed a ban from entering Kosovo and Metohija on September 10, 2018, told this to Prva TV.

"I find it hard that I cannot visit Serb community in Kosovo and Metohija, I am not in a position to see my friends", he said.

He added that within the campaign he keeps organizing for years now, entitled "Solidarity for Kosovo", he enabled some children from Kosovo to get on a seaside for the first time.

Boys and girls from the Serbian enclaves spent summer vacation in Tivat, 43 of them had enjoyed vacation far away from their gloomy everyday life.


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