Blic: Haradinaj got out of control

It is expected that Ramush Haradinaj's resignation will unblock Belgrade-Pristina negotiations, and that the tariffs will be suspended temporarily, "Blic" deems

Source: Tanjug

According to the information provided by this daily, all powerful centers had suggested to Haradinaj to suspend imposed tariffs, and the problem was in the fact that he was an explicit opponent of any border corrections or reaching any compromise between Belgrade and Pristina.

Haradinaj went out of control, even when it comes to the Americans. He absolutely did not want to listen to any suggestions. Such an aggressive attitude and moves that followed, led both Belgrade and Pristina into a state of frozen conflict, accompanied by sporadic incidents on the ground," says daily "Blic" source from diplomatic circles in Pristina.

He adds that Haradinaj refused even to talk with Hashim Thaci and Kadri Veseli.

Pristina speculates who gave Haradinaj a green light, along with the guarantees that taxes and insistence on an "undivided, independent Kosovo" should be pushed for months, and as it turned out, to the moment of his indictment, which, judging by Haradinaj's attitude while announcing his resignation, came as an unpleasant surprise and a shock to him, daily concludes.

"According to available data from various departments, Haradinaj relied on the British, but this does not mean that they, despite all the aspirations of Europe and USA, aggressively insisted on the views Haradinaj propagated," the diplomat from Pristina told Blic.


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