Haradinaj: If we do that, I assure you that we will get recognition of independence

Kosovo's Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj stated that the positions of Kosovo within dialogue with Serbia weakened by the Kosovo leadership and its party leaders

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In an interview for KTV, he said that "statements of the leaders of political parties, their positions, even different from those in public and in closed meetings," make Kosovo "seem inferior to Serbia."

According to him, Serbia is doing everything to enfeeble Kosovo, while local Kosovo leaders do the same on their part.

Haradinaj said that they need a joint statement by the Kosovo leaders, sending clear message that the tariffs will not be canceled before recognition of Kosovo's independence. "If we do that, I assure you that we will get recognition. There will be no long term frozen conflicts or any potential war," he said.

Kosovo Prime Minister says that the decision to impose taxes had prevented Kosovo's division, but that he is not willing to resume dialogue without reaching political consensus. Responding to allegations that he breaches constitutional obligation to lead a dialogue, Haradinaj says that dialogue shouldn't be guided solely by him, but that this process should involve the representatives of parliamentary parties.

"I refused to participate in a dialogue on the division, Mogherini's dialogue, and I was determined about that," he said, adding that it is the duty of parliamentary political parties to reach a consensus. Kosovo Prime Minister confirmed that a meeting would be held in Paris in September, as Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron agreed in Berlin.

"It is expected to be held in September, President Macron's adviser informed me", Haradinaj concluded.


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