Haradinaj: Serbia is buying weapons, we fear war, should we also become armed?

Kosovo's Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj says that he is intimidated by Serbia's acquiring new weapons, as he regards it as a potential war threat, RTS reports

Source: RTS
Foto: EPA/EFE Valdrin Xhemaj
Foto: EPA/EFE Valdrin Xhemaj

Haradinaj said that "approach of a part of the international community in relation to dialogue with Belgrade raises the need for Kosovo to become armed".

"Serbia is buying weapons in Russia, and France has also signed contract agreement with Serbia for the acquisition of missile system. Meanwhile, they tell us that we cannot call the agreement we are trying to reach 'an agreement on mutual recognition within the existing borders.' What, then, should we do?", Haradinaj said.

"Kosovo is an independent state. We do not ask for anything other from a dialogue except mutual recognition. If you are not ready for this, is it, then, a message for us that we should also buy weapons?", Haradinaj added, as reported by Pristina press.

Kosovo's Deputy Prime Minister Enver Hoxhaj claims that "the militarization of Serbia represents threat to the region".

"Although proclaimed militarily neutral, it shows the opposite. Who threatens Serbia to such extent that it needs to buy new weapons from France and other countries, and improve its air defense system? Militarization of Serbia is a new threat to the region", Hoxhaj wrote on his Twitter account.


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