H.E. Kyle Scott: USA recognizes EU "leadership" in the Belgrade-Prishtina dialogue

U.S. Ambassador to Serbia, Kyle Scott, says that Prishtina should lift the imposed import tariffs on the goods from Central Serbia, for the sake of negotiations

Source: Tanjug
Foto: Tanjug, Zoran Žestić
Foto: Tanjug, Zoran Žestić

Scott also pointed out that United States still recognize European Union as the "leader" in this dialogue.

When asked whether US will exert its authority over Prishtina to force it to commence negotiations, Scott confirmed that US still recognize EU's leading role in this process, adding that it is most important for the parties to return to the negotiation table.

“Tariffs are main obstacle and we clearly informed Kosovo government that those should be abolished for the sake of dialogue resumption, as it represents the biggest challenge”, Scott stated today on the occasion of signing two amendments within two agreements on supporting Serbia.


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