Bytyqi brothers: Until justice is served

Fatos and Ilir Bytyqi, brothers of the three US citizens executed in Serbia in 1999 as members of KLA, stated that on this day 20 years ago, their brothers died

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They underlined that they will keep fighting for justice until it's served. We want to provide that the perpetrators of this crime will not remain free.

On this day, 20 years ago, Serbian authorities had killed three U.S. citizens and dumped them into the mass grave. "We will seek justice until it's served", it is said in a brief statement on the Bytyqi family website.

Marking 20th anniversary since their death, members of their family had screened a short documentary entitled "Until Justice is Served: A Promise for the Bytyqi Brothers".

Brothers Ylli, Mehmet and Agron Bytyqi were American citizens that came to Serbia in 1999 and joined KLA, fighting Serbian security forces.

After the war ended, on June 26, 1999, they in plain clothes tried to help two Roma families from Prizren to reach Central Serbia. They were apprehended on that occasion and accused of "illegal state entry" (Yugoslavia) and they were sentenced on the next day to 15 days in prison by the court based in Prokuplje.

They were granted to get out of jail three days earlier, but instead of being released, they were taken to a remote police training facility in Petrovo Selo. There, the Bytyqis were tortured, executed and dumped into a mass grave with other Kosovo Albanians.

Their bodies were exhumed on July 2001, in the mass grave in Petrovo selo. Their corpses were found with tied arms and with the wounds from the bullets shot in the back of their heads.


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