Ejupi reports Vucic to German police

Florim Ejupi reported Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic for alleging he was involved in the murder of Kosovo Serb opposition leader Oliver Ivanovic

Source: Kossev
Tanjug, Dimitrije Goll
Tanjug, Dimitrije Goll

This statement had caused strong reactions of Kosovo officials, including the former lawyer of Ejupi, Mahmut Halimi, who denied those allegations. Following Serbian President's indication at a news conference, Halimi confirmed for "inFocus" paper, that Ejupi turned to the German judicial authorities, and reported Vucic, the KoSSev portal reported on the writing of Prishtina's "Gazete Expres".

"Yes, Florim Ejupi had introduced German police with the fact that Serbian media report on his involvement in the assassination of Oliver Ivanovic, which has nothing to do with the truth", Mahmut Halimi stated for "Gazeta Expres".

Upon reporting this to the German police, Ejupi was allegedly told that he should not be upset about the case because the police were handling the Serbian authorities, portal KoSSev reports.


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