"Solution to all our problems stands in the recognition of Kosovo's independence"

Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj said that without recognition of Kosovo, import taxes will stay in effect and no dialogue with Serbia will be possible

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In the interview for portal KoSSev, Haradinaj assessed that Prishtina-Belgrade dialogue wasn't going in the right direction and that its resumption required a framework which he saw in mutual recognition without divisions or annexation as "the solution to all our problems".

"Simply, we exist, Kosovo exists, it is a state, and Serbia now must find the courage to accept that a neighbour with a tragic past because of (Slobodan) Milosevic’s regime, offers mutual recognition and free trade. Nobody is allowed to sell their goods by force. Not Serbia, nor anyone else. If we don’t establish political relations, we won’t have economic either," Haradinaj told KoSSev website.

He added that Kosovo doesn't expect any favors from Serbian side, but that he is aware of the general mood of the people residing in the north of Kosovo.

"We had been buying Serbian goods in Kosovo for 20 years. Aren’t Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic and Serbia sorry for the way they treat Kosovo where they were selling their products for two decades making over a billion of euros per year?" Haradinaj asked. He added that "now if we want a solution, it exists – the recognition of Kosovo… Kosovo is ready to establish new relations with Serbia, but that comes with the recognition. That has to be an honest gesture of recognition. Otherwise, it won’t get better", Haradinaj concluded.

When asked about the dialogue with Belgrade, Haradinaj said that we need framework for the dialogue. "We don't want to enter into a process that would bring new surprising solutions, we want to play safe. Dialogue must have its framework, if we had that, our attitude would be different... The framework is mutual recognition".

He added that he completely understands that for the Serbs on Kosovo "Serbia is their first choice and first love", adding that "the respect of their home, and, I would say their state of Kosovo, our joint house, both to the Albanians and the Serbs, will be a solution to all our problems".

Asked if he were ready to resume the dialogue with Belgrade and in what way, Haradinaj responded that he is ready "for a mutual recognition with Serbia."

"That’s a solution, we don’t have to avoid truth… That is compromise… Kosovo sacrificed a lot, and it is now ready for the recognition and new relations, in the same time overcoming the conflicts in the past," Kosovo’s Prime Minister told KoSSev.


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