Two "special members of diplomatic corps" arrived to Belgrade, another two on the way

United Kingdom and United States appoint experienced diplomats for their ambassadors to Serbia, presenting their countries in Moscow before, "Politika" reports.

Source: Tanjug

Former Deputy Head of Mission of Great Britain in Moscow Sian MacLeod will replace Dennis Keefe on the position of Head of Mission of Great Britain to Serbia. Another "deputy" from the leading western embassy in Moscow comes to Belgrade to hold the position of the US Ambassador, Politika daily claims.

As US President Donald Trump confirmed, Kyle Scott will be succeeded by Anthony F. Godfrey.

When in mid January 2019, British FCO announced that they chose Sian MacLeod for UK Belgrade mission, it was evident how much they regard their diplomatic mission to Belgrade important, i.e. how seriously they perceive the relations between Belgrade and Moscow, this daily states.

Newly appointed UK Ambassador comes to Belgrade from the position of Head of UK Delegation of OSCE Mission to Wien. MacLeod served in Moscow in times of the collapse of Soviet Union, in the period from 1988 to 1992. Afterwards, she was briefly appointed Deputy Head of Mission to Lithuania, while she spent four years in the Hague (1996-2000).

She returned to Moscow in 2004, first in the capacity of political advisor, to assume the position of Deputy Head of Mission. She spent three years in Moscow, while in 2009, she served as UK Ambassador in the Czech Republic, where she resided until 2013. She joined OSCE Mission in 2015.

Born in 1962, Sian joined FCO in 1986. She confirmed that she is preparing seriously for her coming to Serbia. "Back to school. I am currently Serbian language student", she announced on Twitter.

"Politika" reports that other two members of "special" diplomatic corps from Moscow and Beijing had already reached Belgrade: Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Bocan-Harchenko and the new Ambassador of China to Serbia, Chen Bo.

Both Bocan-Harchenko and Chen Bo are very familiar with the Serbian circumstances and the Balkan region in general, as they are highly experienced diplomats, serving in the region prior to coming to Serbia.


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