New Russian Ambassador: USA and EU exert pressure on Serbia

The constant pressure of the West through EU on Serbia is evident, while the US strengthened its pressure constantly

Source: Sputnik
Mark Kolbe/Getty images
Mark Kolbe/Getty images

Apart from the West pressuring Serbia, US and its allies keep encouraging Kosovo to maintain tensions in the region, stated newly appointed Russian Ambassador for Sputnik

As Alexander Bocan-Harchenko states, those pressures are undoubtedly present in the pre-accession negotiation process that European Union conduct with Serbia, while the Americans exert even stronger pressure on Serbia.

Moreover, there are no evidence whatsoever that Belgrade interests are taken into account in any form, while pursuing compromising solutions.

"The West, primarily Washington D.C, offers exclusive support to Kosovo Albanians, to their military structures and moves taken when it comes to army related issues, leading to obvious further strengthening of tensions", underlined Alexander Bocan - Harchenko, adding that Moscow truly hopes that the tensions on Kosovo territory will not evolve into a major conflict.

"I sincerely hope that Europe will perceive that the situation is getting dangerous and that it could get out of control, leading to more serious conflicts if the situation is ignored", Alexander Bocan-Harchenko concluded.

We will insist on punishing the perpetrator assaulting Russian UN staffer

Moscow will ask for the full investigation to be conducted that would bring to justice the ones responsible for the assault on the Russian UN staffer Mikhail Krasnoshchekov, newly appointed Russian Ambassador Bocan-Harchenko stated.

He said that this is an example of "unprecedented incident", that he hasn't witnessed anywhere else in the world, and that it "represents an open aggression towards the citizens of the Russian Federation".

He added that no reaction to this incident on the part of EU is also unacceptable. "The attempt to justify the assaults of Kosovo Albanians is not in accordance with the human approach towards UNMIK staffer that did his job successfully under highly difficult conditions and under the UN mandate", Russian Ambassador concluded.


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