Albanians turn back Serb buses headed to Belgrade

Eight buses with Serbs from three municipalities south of the Ibar River have been turned back from the administrative crossing Konculj.

Source: Tanjug

Konculj is located between Kosovo and central Serbia.

The Serbs were headed to Belgrade, where a large rally will be held later in the day as part of President Aleksandar Vucic's "Future of Serbia" campaign.

Head of the temporary organs of the Vitina municipality Srdjan Nikolic said that refusing allow the buses to pass was justified by the drivers "not having adequate administration for the buses owned by Albanians."

24 buses departed for Belgrade today from the Kosovo Pomoravlje district. Those who were turned back will most likely continue their journey using vans or private cars.

"They can turn us back, prohibit us from going, but they need to know one thing - they can't forbid us to love our Serbia and our president," Nikolic said in a statement.


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