Early elections "unlikely during spring"

There's more chance of early elections being held after the summer than during the spring, Bojan Klacar has told Prva TV.

Source: Prva TV
(screenshot, Prva TV)
(screenshot, Prva TV)

Klacar is the executive director of the Center for Free Elections and Democracy (CeSId) NGO.

Explaining the reasons for this, Klacar said there was no visible progress on Kosovo that could speed up the dynamics around elections, while the opposition "has taken a firm stance to boycott elections, which is not a good solution for the (ruling) SNS."

He added that some kind of dialogue between the government and the opposition should be established before elections.

According to him, they currently "agree on absolutely nothing, including (early parliamentary) elections."

"The only thing they seems to agree is some kind of negative attitude towards (private) bailiffs," Klacar said, adding that "the opposition at this moment thinks that by fostering differences between them and (Serbian President and SNS leader) Aleksandar Vucic, it is clearly distancing itself and strengthening its own core voter corps."

Klacar also explained that this is only partially successful because Vucic is high popular and has excellent approval rating, while the SNS-led coalition has been stable with over 50 percent (approval) for a long time, while the junior coalition partner, the SPS, has been stable with a rating of around 10 percent, reaching up to 11-12 percent in the polls.


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