"Protesters obviously have some kind of support from West"

Violent demonstrations of a part of the opposition in the past two days sent an ugly picture from Belgrade, causing great damage to Serbia, Ivica Dacic says.

Source: B92, Tanjug
Opposition politician Dragan Djilas is seen during the demonstrations (Tanjug)
Opposition politician Dragan Djilas is seen during the demonstrations (Tanjug)

The head of Serbian diplomacy finds it incomprehensible that no embassies here, and the EU, made a statement about these events. (Later in the day on Monday an EU spokesperson did react to the incident at public broadcaster RTS on Saturday and at the protest in front of the Presidency on Sunday).

Dacic also said that said that all this happened on the day when a different message should have been sent to the world, one about the 15th anniversary of the March pogrom of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

Instead, he said, a message went out that allegedly in Serbia there is instability, crisis, conflict, incidents...

"This caused great damage to Serbia," Dacic said.

He added that he asked the president of Serbia and employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs whether any of the Western ambassadors were interested in what was happening in connection with the protest.

The answer was that none of them contacted to the Presidency or to the Ministry - when the Presidency was "to all intents and purposes blocke," when threats were made against the president and when the demonstrators stormed the state television, he said.

"Nobody has even made a phone call to either the Ministry or the Presidency, to at least ask what was happening," Dacic said.

The first deputy prime minister is convinced that, when analyzing who burst into the RTS building and who was in front of the Presidency, there would be "interesting conclusions."

It is obvious, he pointed out, that these people have some kind of support from the West.

Condemning the demonstrations that took place over the weekend once again, Dacic stressed it was important to understand "the depth of these problems".

As a witness to numerous demonstrations in the past, the minister described the latest last weekend in Belgrade as insignificant.

The intention of the demonstrators was to change the authorities, but this goal, as he said, has not been achieved.


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