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"I'm tormented - we can't understand what's going on Kosovo"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told Prva TV on Tuesday that essential dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is a long way away.

Source: B92

He also said that he was afraid that we will not soon see a continuation of that dialogue.

Vucic stressed that he was tormented by the fact that "we in Serbia we cannot understand what is happening in Kosovo in Metohija."

"We Serbs do not want to see reality and the more we pretend, the more additional problems we make for ourselves. It's easier keep our head in the sand and talk fairy tales. I have no problem with it, it seems that we Serbs and Albanians have been educated on Andersen and the Grimm brothers," Vucic said.

When journalist Petar Gajic said that (author) Dobrica Cosic and (late PM) Zoran Djindjic spoke about the idea of ​​delimitation, Vucic said that he presented such an idea "when the situation in Kosmet (Kosovo and Metohija) was ten times worse than in the time of Cosic and Djindjic."

At the beginning of the interview, the Prva TV reporter stated that Vucic had previously said that he had felt cheated, that he did not trust the emissaries from Brussels, and when asked how he feels after talking with Angela Merkel's advisers, he said that he had spoken to serious and responsible people.

"As far as relations with the EU are concerned, I am obliged to say that the EU is the one conducting our talks, but I have repeatedly said that a (dialogue) platform in this form should not be made by Pristina. They promised that this will not happen, and these people from Brussels are nowhere to be found today," Vucic said.

To a repeated question about what he spoke about with Merkel's advisers, Vucic said that there are two important things, one of which was that Serbia is "expected to act restrained."

"I would not go into any details," Vucic said.

He then spoke about cases of the "taxes" and "platform" cases, going into a polemic with Gajic regarding "the blue envelopes", the idea of ​​delimitation, the idea to take it before the Serbian parliament - but he also pointed out that he cannot publicly speak about who supports Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj in his latest "actions".

(Serbian speakers can watch the whole interview below)

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