Army chief: Kosovo's tense, military monitoring situation

Serbian Army Chief of Staff Milan Mojsilovic says the situation in Kosovo and Metohija is very complex.

Source: Beta

But Serbia is not currently considering the option of a military response, the general said, Beta agency reported on Tuesday.

Mojsilovic told the public broadcaster RTS that the situation in Kosovo is "filled with tension and unilateral moves."

"The state of security is stable, but by all parameters it is very unpredictable," Mojsilovic said, adding that the Serbian Army is in constant contact with KFOR units and is concerned about the northern and southern parts of Kosovo.

He said that the Serbian Army would monitor the situation on the ground and excludde the use of military force in that area.

"You are witnesses to the president of Serbia and the government being committed to a peaceful state of affairs and resolving the situation in Kosovo and Metohija. The option of military intervention is excluded, that is, it is not currently being considered," Mojsilovic said.

He added that he cannot say that the situation is regular, because there is an open security issue in Serbia, but that there is visible progress in equipping the army that currently has ten MiG-29 aircraft, while four more are being overhauled.

"We count the days until the first helicopters enter service he Serbian Armed Forces," Mojsilovic said, adding that the state of the Air Force reflected on overall capability.

He announced that the start of (NATO's) bombing of Serbia in 1999 will be marked in the town of Nis, on March 24 at 11:30 hours CET.

"The Serbian Army is ready, equipped, trained and motivated to perform all its tasks," Mojsilovic said.


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