Kosovo police service reacts

The Kosovo Police Service (KPS) reacted on Monday to reports that Pristina authorities had activated an operation dubbed "Steel Ring.".

(EPA, file, illustration)
(EPA, file, illustration)

The said operation implies blocking of road routes and control of vehicles and persons.

When asked by Tanjug whether it was true that Pristina had activated police forces to block alternative routes from central Serbia, and why, the KPS spokesperson Baki Kelani responded that there was "nothing concrete," and that the police were working to prevent organized crime and smuggling, and taking actions based on legal authority.

Some Belgrade tabloids reported earlier that Pristina authorities had launched an operation that implies a blocking of roadways, as well as the control of vehicles and persons, and that police was at all alternative crossings.

Telegraf.rs is reporting that the KPS have withdrawn parts of the border units from crossings with North Macedonia and Albania, and that members of those units will be deployed in the north of Kosovo and Metohija.

They will allegedly have only one task: to block alternative routes leading from central Serbia to the north of Kosovo and Metohija.

The website states that the action is even connected with the secret lists of "prominent Serbs" against whom indictments are being prepared.

Alo.rs also reports that sources close to the Kosovo police said there were indications of arrests of Serb officials from Kosovo.

An unnamed source told the website that the Kosovo police are applying their operative plan dubbed "the steel ring" in order to intimidate Serbs, which means blocking the travel directions used by citizens, as well as controlling vehicles and persons.

However, Prva TV did not manage to obtain confirmation from the Kosovo police that this operation had been launched.

The broadcaster's correspondent said there was no extraordinary situation exists.

According to this, it is about increased presence of the Kosovo police and customs officers at administrative crossings towards central Serbia, in order to prevent the smuggling of goods, and this intensified presence of customs and police has lasted for 20 days.


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