"No red lines for Kosovo; Reeker doesn't have solution"

US Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott says Washington is not drawing "red lines" when it comes to resolving the Kosovo issue.

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

In an interview for the Belgrade-based tabloid Kurir, Scott said that "any solution agreed on by both parties will be supported, one that can be implemented and be lasting."

"We do not withdraw 'red lines', we do not determine what will happen, and if what they agree is stabilizing for the region, if it can be implemented and last, then we will probably support it. We are waiting for the parties themselves to reach agreement under the auspices of the European Union," Scott said.

Asked about the future role of the newly-appointed US administration official in charge of the Balkans, Philip Reeker, Scott said that Reeker !does not have a solution for Kosovo, as speculated in the past days."

"I'm afraid that the Serbian press is speculating based on no facts whatsoever that support it. Philip Reeker will take over the position of the head of the European Bureau in mid-March and will have many things on his agenda, including relations with Russia, Turkey and the European Union, then issues related to the joint the US and EU stance, other challenges in the world. He is a person who knows a lot about the Balkans, he was our ambassador to Macedonia. His heart is still in the Balkans, he cares about what is happening here, he is committed to moving this process forward, but I don't believe that he has a plan in his pocket and that anyone will be forcing anyone to anything," Scott said.

The ambassador also pointed out that an agreement on normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina "must include many more things, such as an agreement on economic relations, the resolution of the status of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the issue of missing persons, war crimes, etc."

"There are many elements that must be included in the agreement, but we believe that mutual recognition must lie at the heart of the normalization agreement," Scott said.


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